Bus in the Beginning

No Tresspassing Bus


After getting questions I didn’t know the answer to over and over again, I made this cheat sheet. Despite not fully understanding what it all means, people seem satisfied with the responses.

Style: Dognose School Bus

Year: 1995

Body: Wayne Wheeled Vehicles

Make: Navistar International

Model: Lifeguard

Variant: 3800 (trucks.wikia.com/wiki/International_3800)


Engine: Navistar T444E (also known as the Ford PowerStroke Diesel)

Configuration: V8

Fuel Type: Diesel

Fuel System: Direct Injection

Horsepower: 210-275


Miles: 125,000

Length: 28 ft

Width: 7.5 ft

Height: About 10 ft

Weight: Limit of 25,000 lb. Weighs around 18,000 lb. post-conversion.

Doors: 3


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