Grand Teton National Park, WY


As we drew nearer to our next stop, Grand Teton National Park, we noticed several cars stopped on the shoulder. Right there off the side of the road, a young grizzly stood– his head craning upward and nose scanning the air. We slowed as we passed and opened the bus doors to get a better view. The bear turned to us, his nose still twitching, eagerly trying to capture the scents. He looked right at us, winced, and turned his attention uphill. I suspect our bus stinks.

After the welcoming committee departed, the main attractions came into view. You never realize how ugly other mountains are until you see the Tetons. Perhaps it’s the jagged contours, the contrast of the snow on the ashen rock, or the meager hills in their vicinity that make the Tetons so impressive. It looks as though the Toblerone logo was modeled after these– the highest compliment a mountain can receive.

Inexplicably craving chocolate and toffee, we carried on to the on-site grocery store. There are ample facilities throughout the park clustered into hubs– gas stations, showers, washing machines, and restaurants. Some customers complained the store was pricey, but compared to the dinky grocers we’d found in South Dakota this was an improvement.

The Tetons are ideal for a weekend of hiking and lake activities amongst some of the most iconic mountains in the US. In fact, many locals told us that they prefer visiting the Tetons over nearby Yellowstone. Polling bias aside, the appeal is clear. It is a far more intimate park, with superb facilities, and far less tourists. My god the tourists at Yellowstone…


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  1. Lanie says:

    Wow! I’d never even heard of this mountain range, but- how beautiful! These pics rival anything I ever saw in Colorado as a kid….

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