Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO


Next stop: The Great Sand Dune National Park And Preserve™ .

It’s odd how the Rockies can sneak up on you in plain sight. We were driving from southern New Mexico, and heading north through Colorado. As hills emerge onto the horizon, distant blue figures fade to greenish grey, and soon forested snowcapped mountains arrive into view.

Near the base of the Rockies, waves of sand form a scorching lake of sediment under the summer sun. And finally at the feet of the dunes, between the fine line where desert turns to grassy valley, a cool spring runs; creating a one-of-a-kind beach experience.

What I’m saying is, I did not dress well for this. Trying to brave the blistering sand between my toes, right before a seven mile hike, was not the best idea.

But all around it was a great experience.


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