Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park, MT

Iceberg Lake Trail

This ten-mile trail is a beaut. After a somewhat tedious uphill start, the path levels out for smooth hiking to Iceberg Lake. The trail has you weaving in and out of bear grass and over several streams. The wildflowers in bloom paint the mountainside with impressionist blots of color, while those damn hiking bells faintly jingle in the distance.

A snowy walk later, the lake emerges. Steep granite walls form a fortress around it. Water from the melting glaciers trickles down the walls, slowly replenishing the icy lake.

A small crowd gathered at the edge of the lake, taking in the icebergs and azure water. Several brave people swam, while others sat on the icy platforms. There seem to be two types of people – those who think ice water is on par with lava, and those who jump in it.

I highly recommend jumping in it.

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